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Laser Therapy in Huntington Beach

Laser therapy on low backIf you’ve had an injury, you might be in pain, have limited mobility and feel concerned about a further aggravation of your problem. The swelling and inflammation present make you wonder if the best thing is to just leave it alone. There may be, however, another solution: laser therapy.

At Health Pro Wellness Center, we have a Class IV laser that is only for use in offices by trained professionals. It can be a fantastic way to jump-start your healing.

What the Laser Does for You

Applying this powerful beam of light to an injury reduces inflammation and swelling while accelerating your healing process. Once you’re feeling better and more mobile, we’ll give you some basic exercises and explore our other solutions that can help you recover quickly.

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There is no pain involved in having laser therapy. All you might feel is a warming sensation.

Who Laser Therapy Is
Right for

We recommend laser therapy for people with acute forms of injury such as knee pain or an ankle sprain. If your problem has been there for years, laser therapy may not be the ideal solution for you. We’ll be happy to talk to you about what we feel is most appropriate for your case at your initial evaluation.

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If you’re curious about laser therapy Huntington Beach, contact our team today! We have same-day visits available.


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