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Senior Chiropractic Care in Huntington Beach

Elderly couple in the parkJust because you have more candles on your birthday cake doesn’t mean you have to be less active. At HealthPro Wellness Center, we are passionate about helping seniors like you remain active and healthy well into your golden years!

Why See a Chiropractor?

Seniors should see a chiropractor for many reasons. Chiropractic care can reduce joint pain, which can rob seniors of their simple pleasures and enjoyments in life. With our natural care, we can also help improve mobility, so older adults can manage everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed or standing up from a chair. Studies have also shown that chiropractic care can help reduce arthritis pain and decrease medication.
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What Are Some Benefits?

Seniors who receive chiropractic care may experience many benefits:

  • Addresses pain without the side effects
  • Increases mobility in the spine and joints
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Decreases degeneration of the spine
  • Helps improve and maintain proper posture
  • Increases mood and quality of life
  • Reduces the risk of falling
  • Lessens the need for a nursing home

Frequently Asked questions

Do you use different chiropractic techniques?

For every person who walks through our doors, we use the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) method of chiropractic care. This technique allows full spinal correction, so the body can work the way it was designed.

Is chiropractic safe for older adults?

Yes, it’s considered safe and gentle.

Do results take longer with seniors?


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