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Post-Workout Recovery

Man stretching in the parkYou may have seen stretch labs popping up around town or as part of your gym. At Health Pro Wellness Center, we take post-workout recovery seriously and offer a range of services not typically found under one roof—with a team of physical therapists and trainers to help you get the best results possible.

Why Is Post-Workout Recovery Important?

If you’re an athlete or you work out hard, whether your focus is cardio, lifting, CrossFit, boot camps or something else, lactic acid builds up in your muscles, muscles and other soft tissues are damaged, and inflammation frequently occurs.

Addressing these issues allows you to recover more quickly and completely, allowing you to train more often without fear of injury.

Our Expert Approach

Our PTs and trainers can help you with appropriate stretches for your particular situation or sport. This will help keep muscles loose and mobile, helping to prevent injury. In addition, we offer a wide range of other services for you to choose from. Not sure which to select? No problem! Our expert team can guide you.

  • Cryotherapy: We use a handheld device with compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) that we can apply to targeted areas, such as joints, to assist in injury healing or recovery. We can use cryotherapy on multiple areas of your body, as needed.
  • Compression pants: Special thigh-high pants squeeze the legs and then release, repeatedly, creating a pumping action that moves fluid out of the legs, removes lactic acid buildup and accelerates healing. These are also great for people with diabetes, seniors and others with fluid retention, and for injuries like sprained ankles or knees.
  • Hypervolt massage therapy: Uses a percussive massage “gun” to work out sore, tight muscles to help promote healing and improve mobility.
  • Red light therapy: Low levels of red light are directed through the skin deeply into the tissues, where they stimulate the cells to increase production of ATP. This can improve circulation, decrease inflammation and repair and restore damaged tissues.

If you’ve been injured, we may also incorporate the following:

  • Shockwave therapy: Uses sound waves to create a mechanical pulse that triggers the body’s healing response. Used primarily for tendon damage.
  • Laser therapy: Our Class IV Medical Laser uses a particular frequency of light to penetrate tissues and promote healing in acute injuries such as sprain/strains.

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