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Spinal Decompression at Health Pro Wellness Center

As the name implies, spinal decompression gives the benefit of decompressing segments of your spine. The everyday forces of gravity we encounter cause compression. It can become worsened for those who have sustained a spinal injury. With spinal decompression, you may discover a natural alternative to having back surgery.

Spinal decompression is available at Health Pro Wellness Center. When you have this therapy, it opens up the spaces between spinal discs, allowing greater circulation so that much-needed nutrients can flow to the affected area.

Our Clinical Practice Guidelines

Our spinal decompression has specific guidelines that go along with it. When you have a symptom, there is a set of protocols we follow to treat you. It’s designed precisely for your case so that you know we’re doing what will help you heal effectively and efficiently.

We may recommend that you have spinal decompression along with our other services, such as physical therapy or chiropractic. You can also have it as a stand-alone therapy depending on what is most appropriate for your case.

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