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Pediatric Chiropractic in Huntington Beach

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At Health Pro Wellness Center, we see children of all ages, from days-old-newborns to toddlers up to teens. Chiropractic can assist with brain development and those critical motor skills; it can help keep the immune system healthy and much more. We love helping children enjoy optimal health!

Our Focus

Most of the parents who bring their kids to us are concerned about postural issues. Our lifestyle these days unfortunately promotes a “head forward posture” caused by things like looking at phones, computers and video games. Carrying heavy backpacks is also a contributor to unhealthy posture in kids as young as kindergarteners.
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Our chiropractor, Dr. Robert Reynoso, specializes in Advanced Biostructural Correction, or ABC, a chiropractic adjusting method that focuses on restoring optimal posture through spinal adjustments.

This technique is gentle and well-suited to children, and it’s very effective in helping to restore optimal posture, with the head up and the shoulders back.

Why Pediatric Chiropractic Is Important

Improper posture should be corrected as soon as possible, because the longer it lasts, the more likely it is to cause bigger problems in the future. Forward head posture can accelerate degenerative changes, as well as make your child more vulnerable to injuries. Weakness in posture causes people to be more susceptible to injuries when they are involved in sports or auto accidents—even simple falls on the playground are more likely to result in injury.

Creating a Healthy Future

Many of the kids we see are children of patients who live active lives and participate in sports or other physical pursuits. They’ve seen how our care benefits them and allows them to perform at their highest level, feel and function great and enjoy all that life has to offer—and they want those same benefits for their kids.

We want to correct your child’s postural issues now to set them up for the healthiest future possible.

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